Female Prisoner Reentry


A partnership with Emerson College’s Civic Engagement Lab and the Massachusetts Department of Corrections, this project is a story-based, multi-episode, and guided virtual reality experience that helps to train female inmates for the underlying psychological challenges of reentry. The screenplay was co-written with incarcerated women at SMCC and edited by formerly incarcerated women.


Discovery VR


Barry Pousman was instrumental in launching Discovery VR in 2015 with original experiences covering a range of subjects and including content from Discovery Channel, Science Channel, and Discovery Digital Networks. One of the most innovative moves across the company at the time, VR fundamentally changed the way that fans connect with the Discovery brand.

Salary Negotiation Simulator


A virtual reality app to help train women to negotiate higher salaries—In partnership with the American Association of University Women, the Salary Negotiation Simulator for Women was designed to simulate salary negotiations. The interactive 360 app takes the form of a branching narrative to help women navigate the challenges of getting paid what they’re worth.


Oculus Education


In the seaside village of Otsuchi, Japan, Itaru Sasaki built the Phone of the Wind as a way to enable contact with those who are no longer with us. In this interactive film directed by Barry Pousman, experience the real life stories of three phone users grieving for their loved ones, then enter the Phone of the Wind and experience it for yourself.

United Nations Virtual Reality


The United Nations Virtual Reality (UNVR) initiative brings the world’s most pressing challenges home to decision makers and global citizens. The project seeks to show the human story behind development challenges, allowing people with the power to make a difference have a deeper understanding of their world, and hopefully to act to make a difference.




Access to the deep ocean has been limited by the extraordinary physical challenges of exploring this extreme environment, high costs, limited technological advancements and lack of investment. This VR experience, produced by Barry Pousman, promotes the $7 million Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, a global competition challenging teams to advance deep sea technologies for autonomous, fast, high-resolution ocean exploration.






Cultural Heritage Broadcast

Discovery Digital Networks

YouTube Ambassadors for Change

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My Hidden City is a film promoting the remarkable heritage of the city of Mrauk-U as it makes its bid for UNESCO world heritage status. Co-Directed by Barry Pousman and Wunna Kyaw, the film explores the splendor and beauty of Mrauk-U above ground and below. The film has been translated into 7 languages and is screening across Europe and Asia on television.


Viral Activism


Directed and Produced Keep the Oil in the Ground, a short documentary set in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The film garnered almost 2 million views and lead to the president of Ecuador apologizing to the affected community of Sarayaku.


Peace Corps Films


Elle Travaille, Elle Vit! is a documentary that explores the role of women in Senegalese society and highlights the importance of girl’s education, directed by Barry Pousman. The film was distributed to schools throughout Senegal along with supplemental materials to facilitate discussions regarding girls education throughout Senegal.

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Barry Pousman was the Director of Programming for Discovery Communications’ original digital networks focused on science, education, exploration, and journalism. DDN was made up with 6 distinct networks with original shows including DNews, Hard Science, and Shots of Awe.


Mothers Day Campaign


Thank You Mom is a viral Mothers Day video produced by Barry Pousman in New York in 2012.


Web Series


Know Your Meme was a spin-off web series, shot by Barry Pousman, documenting memes, events, news, and viral media that spreads across or had an impact on the internet. The database-style website is largely dependent on crowdsourcing for the documentation of memes as they develop and for the submission of viral media as it spreads.


Barry Pousman initiated and produced a first-of-its-kind partnership between YouTube and the UN, with seven female creators from across the globe named Change Ambassadors to the organization, focused on the fight for gender equality.


Kickstarter Success


Story War is an innovative party game where you battle your friends by telling stories, referencing pop culture, and making stuff up. The Kickstarter campaign raised over $360K in 30 days. Barry Pousman directed the Kickstarter video in 2013.


Internet News & Culture


Rocketboom was a daily vlog in the format of a newscast with a comedic slant, presenting social and political commentary. Barry Pousman headed up post-production, and went on to direct the network of daily web shows from 2008 to 2012 in New York.






Binghamton University: I-GMAP

UC Berkeley: Big Ideas Challenge

Emerson’s Civic Engagement Lab


Big Ideas is an annual contest aimed at providing funding, support, and encouragement to interdisciplinary teams of students who have “big ideas.” Big Ideas inspires innovative and high-impact student-led projects aimed at solving problems that matter to this generation. In 2017, Barry Pousman was a team mentor, and in 2018, a Practitioner in Residence for the program.


The Engagement Lab is an applied research lab at Emerson College focusing on the development and study of games, technology, and new media to enhance civic life. Barry Pousman was brought in as a Practitioner in Residence in 2018 to help consult and advance a graduate project in partnership with the Massachusetts Dept. of Corrections.


Binghamton University’s Institute for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention (I-GMAP) informs practice through the application of the latest scholarship in areas such as the quantitative analysis of at-risk communities; how factors such as gender, climate change, political transitions and population flows contribute to risks for genocide and mass atrocities; and the role of governments, civil society actors and international bodies in effective prevention. Barry Pousman was invited to be a Practitioner in Residence in 2018.






Oculus Creators Lab

Stanford Media X

Johns Hopkins University


Sundance Film Festival


Global Media Makers


World Economic Forum




Stanford Leadership Garage


UNICEF Innovation Summit


Social Business Summit




Vivid Sydney - 360 Vision



“Barry is hands down one of the most creative people I've ever had the pleasure of working with: a hard worker that's extremely well versed in content production and is forever on the pulse of digital trends. He knows how to see a project from start to finish and stretch a budget.”

- Will McCranie